Virtual Scroll Made Simple


Display millions of rows and grids without affecting your website performance, not a bit. Not even a little bit.
It's a fast replacement for the default web browser scroll and infinite scroll. Inspired by Facebook, Twitter and fonts.google.com.

Why use VScroll?

"The DOM isn't slow, you are."

If you do stupid things with the DOM, it will perform poorly. Like for instance adding 100+ list full of elements will decrease your website performance, it will also may lead to a very, very poor performance which will damage your user experience.

Web developers have created a solution, it's called infinite scroll feature, also known as "unpagination", is a technique where additional content for a page is appended dynamically as the user approaches the end of the content. But there's still a problem; As you scroll down, the page starts to get bigger and slower, it will start to show performance issues.

JaguarScript built a better replacement of the default browser scroll and infinite scroll. You may have seen this technique on the Facebook's Timeline or on Twitter's and It's inspired by fonts.google.com.

But how does it work? It takes an array of data and returns function containing each item based on index to create DOM (template for each item). It renders just enough amount of data to fill the viewport, by implementing a two-way infinite scroll technique. For performance reasons, It doesn't render every item in the list at once.
It requires an array of data, function that generates and returns HTML templates for each item, and an HTML container element.


Supports Millions of Rows
Allows you to display millions of rows and grids without hurting user experience. The same technology that it's used by big companies like Facebook and Twitter to display their timelines.
It's not limited to a list. It supports lists, ULs, Tables, divs that could contain anything. It also supports multi-column, just like fonts.google.com.
Two Way Scroll
VScroll renders just enough amount of data to fill the viewport, by implementing a two-way infinite scroll.
Ultra Fast
Virtual Scroll doesn't decrease the web page performance, even if the list is over 100,000 items, in fact it has many performance benefits over the default browser scroll.
You can buffer/prerender the next and the previous elements in the DOM.
Just like fonts.google.com.
It could contain dynamic growing array of data. It has a useful API where you can update, refresh, fast refresh or destroy your virtual scroll.
Multiple Instances
You can create multiple instances of VScroll that point to different data.

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